The name is yours

by kdillmanjones

I mourn the infinite possibilities

of all that could be

and probably never will



And I fused into the mattress

thinking of you,

the you I would never



The person you might have been

The love I might have given you

The life I saw in a blink. gone.


I had a name for you,

that German one

of a great-great-great-great



And as I planned to grow you

in a family tree

and Sunday morning routines

you were gone.


In an instant

Cleared like morning mist

The life I saw in a blink. gone.


That’s how dreams go,

you know.

Goodbye azure joy,

my little Valhalla.


But the name is yours,

keep it.

Maybe we’ll meet again some day,

and I’ll say it. aloud.



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