Call me Inanna

by kdillmanjones

menorah shrub

I put glasses on over contacts.

I store cheese in the oven

and I do it all for you.

I watch everything fall in shards

while I vacuum the lamp.


or something in the solstice

makes sugar turn to tears

or tears turn to sugar;

I’m never sure which,

or why Dumuzi had to die.

Maybe I’m a goddess today

and maybe the fire is you.

But I’ll never know

because we just keep



flesh into dust.

Gods into mortals

or was it mortals into gods?

Call me by my name,

just for today,

while the couch rises

and the dough is upholstered.

Call me Inanna.


* Photo taken at The Chicago Botanic Gardens’ English Garden. The Hebrew Goddess, Asherah, was associated with trees/groves and lives on through the menorah (even where you least expect it).

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