How do I measure a day?

by kdillmanjones

355 pages of tabs to delete. 2 Coyotes running through the backyard. 4 people still fighting that cough.

One blasted holiday party to attend and my car windshield to melt.

It was enough to throw the new MacBook through the frosted windows. I download Microsoft Word just to throw it through windows. Apparently, in ebook format, you don’t use tabs for paragraphs. Nice to know at the end of 92,000 words.

Then my 4-year-old brings me a surprise, a picture that she glued shut to look like an envelope. Together, we pull apart the already drying glue to discover her little picture inside, complete with a misspelled MMOMMY.

How do I measure a day?

1440 chances to kiss my kids. 2 snow angels, making snow angels. 5 minutes to unglue an envelope picture.

One moment under the mistletoe and my stubborn heart to melt.

It’s enough to forget the drudgery of computer work, to forgive the bad driving of holiday shoppers. Apparently, you can measure a day differently; when the Divine closes Windows, she opens a window.


* 177 words on the 3rd definition of melt.

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