Goddess Grove: FREE all weekend!

by kdillmanjones

Goddess Grove Cover art

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When divorcée Muira Brennan moved her kids to the suburbs, she wasn’t expecting to encounter the magic of Goddess Grove. Can there be hope after loss? Can love break a curse? As Muira juggles her floral business, her children, and her new love interest, Aaron, she is unprepared to add magical abilities to the list. She can’t help but be drawn into her family’s witchcraft, especially when Aaron’s life may depend on it. The mysteries of a family curse, a town ghost, and haunting visions become more manageable as Muira finds help from Aviva, the enchanted young chef and Zoraida, the wise professor. To save their loved ones, the maiden, mother, and crone must end the town’s curse in the enchantment of Goddess Grove.


Kristin D. Jones writes fiction and non-fiction amidst the forests and lakes of Northern Illinois. Find her first novel, Goddess Grove, on Amazon.

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