New Year’s Resolution (in 3 words exactly)

by kdillmanjones

Asherah quinoa burger

This week’s Trifecta challenge: Phrase your New Year’s resolution in three words exactly. (What’s yours?)

Eat. Pray. Love.

Diet. Meditate. Endure.

Find myself again.


* Happy New Year, everyone! In the great words of Concetta Bertoldi, “there are enough blessings to go around.” May we all find health, prosperity and happiness in this new year and new moon, and may the earth not suffer for it.

** p.s. The Asherah burgers from my chosen photo for this post, in my husband’s words, “are a sign.” Asherah is a (the) Canaanite and Jewish goddess and I am planning to go back to being vegan for the New Year (and I’m gluten free). Maybe She is here to help me.

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