Raw Food Musings: Day 5

by kdillmanjones

produce on counter

One grapefruit a breakfast does not make.

Raw Mexican salad is my new favorite food. Contents: spinach/romaine 50/50 mix, corn, black beans, red bell peppers, salsa, guacamole. That’s it! The salsa and guacamole mixed into a dressing consistency on their own and the flavors were amazing. The black beans were cooked (and the corn nuked, because we have kids), but I was willing to overlook that. For a truly amazing treat, try a salad at Chipotle and mix in all the salsa and guacamole you can.

Mangoes, like bananas, should always be ripe.

A coconut is a hard nut to crack, literally.

I encountered an awesome new (new to me) book for anyone interested: Raw Food Real World.

raw food real world


Best find at the grocery store? Raw onion rings!

onion rings


And for your added pleasure… Please enjoy my morning phone conversation with the Mariano’s manager:

me: “I just bought one of your $6 reusable bags and your bagger kept putting my produce into plastic bags anyway. When I asked him not to, he argued with me. $6 is a lot to spend on a bag if you’re going to give me extra plastic anyway.”

manager: “What was your bagger’s name?”

me: “I don’t know.”

manager: “What isle were you in?”

me: (searching my receipt) “I don’t know. It says my cashier was Michael, but it was the bagger.”

manager: “Excuse me one moment.”

… five minutes on hold…

manager: “It’s taken care of.”

me: “I didn’t mean to get any particular person in trouble. I just wanted to know if this was store policy, to sell $6 reusable bags, then give the customer plastic anyway.”

manager: “No ma’am. That is not store policy. We only ask the customer if they want plastic if they have meat.”

me: “Well, we don’t eat mean.”

manager: “Thank you ma’am.”


So, what is he thanking me for? Complaining? Being vegetarian? And why do I have to call a manager and complain in order not to get plastic bags? (And who thinks that a 1/4 watermelon already wrapped in plastic wrap needs another plastic bag?) Come on suburbs! I am this <fingers pinched> close to giving up on you forever.


Kristin D. Jones is the author of Goddess Grove, available on Amazon. Assuming no more baggers give her plastic bags, she will continue to write and ponder mangoes in northern Illinois.

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